Chocolate Souffle - Gluten Free

Divine, Decadent, Delicious...

Serves 6 / Oven @ 190c

Bake 10 - 15mins / use 6 x 1cup ramekins
Do not over Cook

    200g Chocolate Brown dark chocolate callets
    5 Egg yolks beaten
    1/3 c Sugar
    ½ t Vanilla
    6 Egg whites
    Sifted icing sugar to serve

    With butter grease ramekins & sprinkle base & sides w/ sugar,
    place on baking tray.
    Gently melt chocolate stir until smooth
    Stir in yolks & sugar.
    Beat whites until firm peaks form.
    Stir a spoonful into choc to soften mixture, lightly fold in remaining whites w/ a lge metal spoon
    Spoon into prepared ramekins & bake until risen & firm to touch.
    Dust w/ icing sugar
    Serve immediately