Chocolate Mud Cake - Dairy and Egg Free

Our very favourite Chocolate Cake Recipe! How many do you know of that have no eggs or butter and get chucked into one bowl and mixed to death and they still come out just amazing.

Serves 10 - 12  / 
Bake @ 180c  for 30 - 40 mins  / 
25 cm tin   /

Will keep for 1 week in air tight container.


    3 c Flour (can also use gluten free flours)
    2 c Sugar
    6 Tbl Chocolate Brown Belgium Cocoa
    2 t BS
    1 t Salt
    ¾ c Oil
    2 T Vinegar
    2 t Vanilla
    2 c Cold water


    In a food processor mix dry ingredients together, leaving baking soda until last.
    Add oil, vinegar, vanilla & water.
    Mix well and pour into lined pan.
To decorate ice with a delicious chocolate ganache.