Chocolate Mousse - Gluten free

When looking for a decadent dessert which is sure to impress that can be equally pulled off at a moments notice or be prepared in advance, you can't go past a Dark Chocolate Mousse.

Serves 8

    150g Chocolate Brown Dark Chocolate Callets
    4 Eggs separated
    200ml Cream whipped
    2 T Sugar
Serve w/
  Whipped Cream
    Grated chocolate for decoration


    Gently melt the chocolate
    Stir in egg yolks & mix well.
    Beat the cream until thick.
    Fold the melted chocolate into cream.
    Beat whites until stiff but not dry, gradually add the  sugar, mix until glossy.
    Gently fold half egg white mix into the choc, mix well, then add remaining egg white,
    Spoon into dishes or glasses & chill until serving

Suggestions for serving
w/ black cherries & shaved chocolate