Chocolate Macaroons - Gluten and Dairy Free

My Favourite Chocolate Coconut Macaroons, eat fresh baked the same day, they truthfully will not disappoint.

Serves 20 / bake @ 150c
Bake 15-18mins / Line tray & Do not over Cook


    125g Chocolate Brown dark chocolate callets melted
    2 Egg whites
    pinch of salt
    100g Sugar
    180g Coconut (threaded & desiccated)
    1 t Vanilla


    Melt the chocolate & allow to cool.
    Whisk the whites with salt until they form soft peaks.
    Add 3 - 4 Tblps of sugar & whisk until glossy and firm.
    Fold in remaining sugar then cooled chocolate followed by coconut & vanilla
    Place spoonfuls 2.5cm apart on lined trays
    Bake until dry on outside soft and fudgy in middle.
    Do Not Over Cook