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Get the most out of your chocolate...

Each individual chocolate is freshly handmade using only the finest ingredients and contains NO PRESERVATIVES so has a limited shelf life.

To ensure our chocolate is consumed at its best, we suggest you:

  • Store products out of sunlight, in a cool dry area, ideally not in the fridge and away from odour-producing items. This ensures your chocolate maintains its natural flavours. 
  • Consume soon after purchase and within the recommended BEST BEFORE date.


Here at Chocolate Brown, we realise that not everyone can eat the same as each other. We do have some good news for those people with food allergies. We are sure we can find something to meet your needs.


Most of our products with fillings contain nuts as we work a lot with praline and gianduja (ground nut pastes). There are a few chocolate fillings which don’t contain nuts like the butter cream fillings.


PLEASE NOTE: All of our products at Chocolate Brown are made in a factory which produces items with gluten, egg, dairy and nuts. If you are severely allergic to any of these then we cannot guarantee that there are not traces of those allergens in our chocolate.