CB Cafe Menu


  • Toasted multigrain bread or bagel: With butter & choice of 2 spreads or Salmon and cream cheese.     $8.00
  • Breakfast Bruschetta: Smashed avocado, with fresh tomato, olive oil, balsamic, on 2 slices of kumara sourdough toast. Choose: Bacon, halloumi, mushrooms, or salmon               $14.00

Fresh & Light:

  • Muesli: House made toasted muesli with seasonal fresh fruits, berry compote, yoghurt & milk or gluten free $13.90
  • Berry Smoothie and Muesli: Berry smoothie bowl, topped with granola, seasonal fruit. $90
    with almond, soy milk or coconut milk, coconut yoghurt         

Hit the Sweet Spot Pancakes:    

  • Banana Berry: Bacon, banana, berry compote, house chocolate sauce, & vanilla cream             $21.90
  • French Toast: 2 slices of toasted brioche with berry compote, bacon, vanilla cream, maple syrup & toasted almonds. $24.90

Eggies Your Way:

  • Eggs: Poached, fried, scrambled or soft boiled on wholegrain toast   $11.50
  • Bacon & Eggs: Your way on wholegrain toast $17.50

Famous CB Green Eggs (Bene)  

  • Poached eggs on CB potato rosti, hollandaise (DF), baby spinach: choice of:
  • Bacon, smoked salmon or grilled mushrooms $20.50

CB Big Stuff:

  • Meat Lovers: Bacon, sausage, black pudding, balsamic roasted tomato, mushroom, house beans, tomato relish, 2 eggs on toast             $24.90
  • Paleo: Smoked salmon, wilted spinach, balsamic roasted tomato, avo, mushrooms, pesto & 2 eggs on paleo toast    $24.90
  • Bubble & Squeak: potato/kumara/cabbage hash cakes with beef sausage, onion gravy, topped with chorizo $18.90


  • Creamy Mushrooms: Mushrooms in a creamy garlic & white wine sauce, wilted spinach & shaved parmesan on toasted kumara sourdough   $19.90
  • Mince on Toast: House savoury mince on kumara sourdough & a poached egg.   $19.90